What is Elder Law & Medicaid Planning?

As Elder Law attorneys, we specialize in the legal concerns of senior citizens and younger individuals who are planning for the future. We focus our practice on:

  • Medicare and Medicaid planning and advocacy;
  • estate planning, including Trusts, Wills, Powers of Attorney, and Deeds;
  • Social Security benefits;
  • probate, including decedents’ estates, guardianships, and conservatorships.

We also review long-term care insurance policies to make sure our clients receive what they are paying for.

Rysso Law, PLLC is widely known for Medicaid planning to receive government benefits to help pay for nursing home costs. Our expertise in Medicaid planning is recognized statewide; other Elder Law attorneys consult with us to answer questions or improve their own practices.

We receive many referrals in cases where people received either no advice or incorrect advice, and now have a problem with Medicaid eligibility or something related to their estate plan. Although we cannot work magic, we know the laws and know what needs to be done from this point forward. And sometimes we can fix the problem completely. We frequently hear “I wish we had known about you” or “I wish we had come to you first.” Although it is always better to handle matters properly from the start, sometimes that does not happen, and we are happy to help “clean up” any problems.

The most important thing to remember with Medicaid planning is that if you come to us for planning you will not have to “spend-down” all of your assets. We can accomplish Medicaid planning at any time, even after a loved one is already in a nursing home.

More than protecting assets, we believe in caring for our client’s emotional well-being. Our goal is to give our clients peace of mind. Once we are retained, we handle many of the issues that arise from entry into a nursing home, including:

  • working with the billing department at the nursing home;
  • handling all correspondence with the Michigan Department of Human Services;
  • making sure all financial transactions are completed; and
  • answering all of the family’s questions.